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The SALOR multifunctional active insole provides an effective and practical foot care solution.

The multicomponent agent is impregnated into the insole and cooperates together with the perspiration of the feet uniquely using a self-regulation method while:
  • intensively decreases the perspiration of the feet,
  • fully deodorizes,
  • prevents the mycosis of the feet,
  • keeps the feet dry, soft, fresh and hygienic.

The effectiveness of the insole is increased by its heat insulation capability using whether on a heated ground in summertime or in a frigid winter day.

There is nothing else to do, than cut the correct inner size of the shoes from the thin insole using the painted sizelines on it, and put into the dry shoes thigtly,

the rest is done by the Salor!


The Insole can be used efficiently for about 3 month if an ordinary wearing time is eight hours per a day.

The Insole is best before within 2 years if it is stored on a dry and cool place in its own original packaging.